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We design, specify and commission sophisticated, flexible, upgradeable lighting systems. From the original concept with the preliminary design including drawings, detail illustrations with base luminaire positions Рwe develop into the full annotated drawings, control schedules and relevant technical luminaire specifications. We work with architects, interior designers, construction teams to ensure the design function is correctly implemented. This enhances the final commissioning where set light levels, relevant dimming and functional tasks achieve the best possible results.

Our lighting design scheme will bring out the key features and make each space come to life.

Lighting Design

As an award-winning lighting consultancy, we focus on quality and service. We are uniquely positioned as a team of in-house lighting specialists engaging with architects, engineers and interior designers to create integrated solutions. We offer a bespoke design service to ensure that you have the correct lighting system to suit your requirements. We’ll help you with a scheme that will bring out the key features and make each space come to life. Our designers offer a flexible range of lighting design services that can be tailored to your needs & budget.

Architects original concept for walkthrough experience.


Whatever the vision, we’ll help you with a scheme that will bring out the key features and make each space come to life.

Our designers offer a flexible range of lighting design services that can be tailored to your needs and budget.


The key to a successful lighting design is to utilise visual impressions to fully portray the design intent so that all parties can understand the concept.

Our visualisation service allows us to illustrate what your new lighting layout is going to look like to help you visualise the final lighting effect.

Working Lighting Design for a recent museum project.


Lightplan’s Working Design has two parts. These are the key elements to the design process after the Concept Design has been signed off by the Client.

Our process includes CAD related plans for all floors as shown with full circuitry and their relevant loadings. In addition, there is a full list of all component parts which correlate to each circuit within the proposed lighting design and their respective specification sheets.

Backlit lighting design focusing on attention to detail lighting design
Backlit lighting design we placed in a residential bathroom.


Engineering is all about “attention to detail”.

There are many issues within a bespoke lighting design that require Engineering. We work in tandem with architects, designers, interior designers, garden designers and other professionals to ensure that your lighting is of the highest standard.

For example РBathrooms may have a coffered ceiling, under cabinet lighting, integrated mirror lighting, alcoves within the shower area to name but a few. All these items require special care and this takes time.

Control Schematic for a residential project


We offer practical hardware and software solutions for a number of control manufacturers.

Being one of the top authorised engineers for a number of systems our experienced team can provide a range of services from design, specification and supply of all types of control equipment.

  • Design & Specification
  • Building Control Racks
  • Onsite Control Project Management
  • Writing Databases
  • Keypad setup
  • System Interfacing
  • Blind Control
  • Curtain Control
  • Onsite Programming
  • System Maintenance
Project Management during construction at the "Octagon site", London.


Lightplan is involved throughout the project lifecycle.

It is not unknown for Contractors to begin the first fix process prior to final Engineering, especially in a “Design & Build” contract. We¬†attend¬†site to review our designs, ensure that the relevant contractors understand the scope of works and interface with all professional parties. All control systems and lighting products are delivered to site¬†inline with first and second fix to ensure a smooth integration to the program of works.


Once a design has been finalised and signed off by the client/design team, the project is ready for “it’s procurement”.

Timing is of the essence, particularly when products are sourced globally. Our experience ensures that staging is carefully monitored in conjunction with the site’s “programme of works” for both first and second fix. This procedure alleviates delays and product waste. Product knowledge and attention to detail is key in the complex world of today‚Äôs modern light fittings.


The key to successful programming is the function of the space and attention to the Clients‚Äô brief. Lightplan can write the initial database off-site; this programme is then downloaded onto the system onsite during the initial setup, where all circuits are double checked to guarantee flawless operation. This is in preparation to sign of for ‚Äúpractical completion‚ÄĚ. Thereafter the system is fine-tuned in accordance with final decorations.

  • Special scene setting
  • Interfacing with garage doors/gates
  • Special function buttons
  • Daylight linking with the lighting system
  • Occupation detection
  • Vacation programming


Lightplan takes great pride in this part of any commission. There are so many elements that require good focusing. Setting up a room takes time; it is not just pointing a luminaire in the right direction!

In addition, we have had to consider the relevant colour temperature, colour rendition and beam-width distribution pattern that would be required before the final focus. Here, we can introduce the relevant filters and other accessories to finalise this part of the design.


Having spent months designing a beautiful lighting system it is imperative to ensure that it is properly maintained.

We offer a series of maintenance services to ensure that you enjoy your lighting.

With today’s LED technology, the maintenance intervals have been extended and it is not unusual for LEDs to last over 50,000 hours. However, their performance deteriorates during their lifecycle. In addition, emergency lighting requires a minimum of a regular safety check.

  • Providing ongoing aftercare for your lighting system
  • Procure specialist lamps
  • Review emergency lighting
  • Review safety lighting
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Electrical services via our approved contractors

Light has the power to directly and deeply impact experience. Lighting design is about shaping human perception; creating atmosphere, defining focus, critically influencing atmosphere, enjoyment, health and productivity. As lighting designers, we begin each project with equal parts; inspiration and in-depth analysis.

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