Our Projects

Lightplan’s completed portfolio comprises over 300 residential projects around the globe; acclaimed restaurants; luxury boutiques and high-end retail; exclusive hotels and spas, as well as stunning private gardens and inspiring swimming pools. Below is a selection of projects showcasing our signature lighting schemes.

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Our work for Property Developers

Property Development Lighting Design

Maximum profit and broad desirability are the key driving factors behind our work for property developers. We work closely with you to assign your budget carefully and ensure the best return on your investment through clever lighting design. We are highly capable and efficient at working on projects of a large scale, whilst striving for the luxurious residential or commercial feel. Have a look at our lighting designs for property developers.

Lighting Design for Retail and Hospitality

Lighting Design for Retail & Hospitality Sector

Lighting Design for Commercial Properties

External & Garden Lighting Design

Lighting Design for Heritage sites