Residential Lighting Design

Residential Lighting Design

Award Winning Residential Lighting Design

An effective design is not just about introducing light into any space, but rather an appreciation of how space will be used. Good lighting design is intertwined with the interior design that it is only noticed in its absence. At Lightplan, we base our residential lighting design on the principle that the lighting should attempt to reveal and enhance the interior design and decoration of the home.

Based in Central London, the award-winning lighting design consultancy has over 40 years of experience in designing elegant lighting schemes for residential properties. We specialise in lighting designs for residential properties including new builds, period homes, contemporary apartments, and large country estates.

Lighting Design for a residential property in London.

Lightplan offers a truly bespoke and highly innovative lighting design service to homeowners around the globe. Over the years we have completed diverse residential lighting design projects for celebrities, royal dignitaries, government ministers all over the globe. Ask us directly for more information.

We’ll help you with a scheme that will bring out the key features and make each space come to life. We will work with your interior designer, architect, and construction team to ensure the design function is correctly implemented. This enhances the final commissioning where set light levels, relevant dimming, and functional tasks achieve the best possible results. Our designers offer a flexible range of lighting design services that can be tailored to your needs & budget.

We believe that residential lighting should endeavour to reveal and enhance the interior design and decoration of the home and we base our lighting ideas and proposals on this principle.

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