Property Development Lighting Design

Property Development Lighting Design

Specialist Lighting Design for Architects & Property Developers

Lightplan is a specialist lighting design consultancy for leading designers, architects and property developers around the world. Our aim to use our creative and technical lighting expertise to produce solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and energy efficient.

Our experienced team provides lighting design solutions for property developers, paying particular attention to energy efficiency and lighting quality. Combining leading-edge visualisation techniques with knowledge of the latest technology, our designers can help property developers and architects gain greater insight into design options. Our designers will model the levels of daylight and the effects of glare and shadowing from adjacent buildings, presenting the results with photo-realistic visualisations and time-lapsed animations using advanced ray-tracing software.

Lightplan offers a truly bespoke and highly innovative lighting design service to property developers around the globe. We’ll help you with a scheme that will bring out the key features of your development and make each space come to life. We will work with your interior designer, architect, and construction team to ensure the design functions are properly implemented.

Involving your lighting design team at the start of the construction process will ensure the project has the most modern and efficient lighting available, with the best design outcome.

Let's discuss how Lighting design can transform your residence