10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street

During the mid-1980’s Lightplan was working extensively for Trusthouse Forte. Lord Forte was very friendly with Mrs. Thatcher and she asked his Design Department to help with the refurbishment of the Public Rooms. Olga Polizzi his daughter took on the task with David Laws and Lightplan was asked to light 14 Grade One Listed Rooms. The highlights were the Central Staircase with all the photographs and portraits of the Prime Ministers.

“I remember being up a ladder outside the Press Office focussing a light when someone came rushing out saying “the stock market has crashed.” It was Black Monday 19th October 1987!

10 Downing Street Staircase in 1987.


Category: Bespoke Residential

Location: Downing Street, London

Completed: 1987

Client: 10 Downing Street

Building: Grade I Listed