No. 20 Art Exhibition Centre

No. 20 Art Exhibition Centre

No. 20 is a new 250m2 centre for Contemporary Art in the heart of Islington. A former frame factory turned into a multi-functional space. Lightplan designed a simple but versatile lighting scheme to give the gallery staff maximum functionality and usability.

The Lighting track system offers plenty of control flexibility within a single mounting solution (up to 3x circuits). This industry-standard solution provides future-proofing in case additional spotlights are needed, from a wide range of manufacturers.

The LED spots offer top quality, low infra-red and no ultraviolet light emissions. This reduces the need for correction filters as part of the art preservation requirements. Instead of using many different types of lamps, with different optics, a native 9-degree lamp optic is used with a variety of magnetic lens attachments. This make it very easy to tailor the beam optic for the type of art/exhibition. Also, further attachments to the spotlights, such as honeycomb lovers and snoots, are available to minimise glare and control the light beam.

The lighting is centrally managed by Lutron Lighting Control system. This highly customisable solution created a number of different zones, each with their own light scenes. The result is the gallery staff can use different parts of the space independently for different applications: for example reception, sit-down and various types of art displays. Furthermore, 5 and 10 button keypads make the user interface simple and intuitive.

The result is a cosy and welcoming space with lots of character and plenty of flexibility.


Category: Museum Lighting

Location: London, UK

Completed: 2017

Client: No. 20 Arts Exhibition Centre