Shanquin Golf Course, China

Shanquin Golf Course, China

CITIC Shanqin Bay Golf Club is located on the middle east coast near the transition zone of tropics and subtropics in Hainan Province. It’s on the extension of Yudai Shoal between Qionghai and Wanning city.

With reportedly only 20 members and a joining fee of over $1 million, Shanqin Bay was created as a very exclusive golf facility by businessman Wang Jun.

The daylight photograph as seen above shows the Golf Club-house which we have used as one of our visual images below. The other visual is the approach from the main road.

Main Reception Hall – we’ve created two visuals showing a different approach to the roof lighting. We chose the theme of the two-toned golf shoe.

Members’ VIP Dining Room – Here once again you will see a variance to the roof lighting with a different colour temperature and resulting effect.


Category: Lighting Visualisation

Location: China

Completed: 2012

Client: Citic Limited