Subject – An Anthony Gormley Exhibition

Subject – An Anthony Gormley Exhibition

Antony Gormley is an acclaimed artist widely celebrated for his sculptures, installations and public artworks that investigate the relationship of the human body to space. His site-specific installation will ambitiously push and test the boundaries of the new Kettle’s Yard spaces.

The exhibition includes the first in a new series of works, Subject (2018), from which the title of the show derives, and the first UK showing of Infinite Cube II (2018), made of one-way mirror glass and 1,000 LED lights.

Lightplan has completed the new exhibition’s lighting design to assist Gormley to bring a dramatic effect to his installations. The exhibition is open from 22 May 2018 to 27 August 2018.


Category: Exhibition & Display Lighting

Location: Kettles Yard, Cambridge UK

Exhibition held: 22 May 2018 – 27 August 2018